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Pekingese is known as the living symbol of the lion that was Buddha's guardian.

 "Pack Up Your Sorrows"
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My Precious Pekingese Family

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My parents gave me my first Pekingese on my fifth birthday (1955).  I have been in love with the breed ever since and I have had many Pekingese friends over the years.

On these pages you will see pictures of my Pekingese over the last 15 years.  Some have gone to the Rainbow Bridge and some are still here with me.  Each and every one of them is so dear to my heart that I cannot explain the love connection I have with them.  I have made this website scrapbook to preserve their memories & their beauty and to present to the world all the joys of being owned by such a precious breed.

As the song says, they take away all my sorrows.  They are there to comfort me and to bring me joy, seemingly at just the right times -- as if they know.

I wish the whole world could experience what it is like to have a Pekingese dog as a best friend.  A Pekingese will never disappoint you.  I constantly struggle to be who they think I am.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pages as much as I do, time and time again.
I also hope that it helps the world to better understand the Pekingese and to cherish the little Lion Dog of Peking.

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Most dogs have owners --- Pekingese have staff.

Our Sisters, Brothers, Pa's and Ma's:

Royal Aire's Pei Lee Royal Aire's Connie Chan Royal Aire's Pekeaboo
Ukee Bouncer Newcomb Coconut Newcomb Singalong Valentine
Chopin Romance Honey Girl Buddy Bing Bear
Melody Chyna Doll Fortune Cookie
Bubba Joe's Jingle Bells Snow Sparkles Spike Leroy
Spunky Guy Huang Shang (Sonny) Charlie Chan

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